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Morra Token: The Legacy of ra

Innovating The Future of Play,
One Token at a Time

Morra Token ($MORRA) is the
native utility token of Morra Games
ecosystem, designed to power
the future of entertainment.

We believe in a future where the community’s voice is the driving force behind content creation. A vision where entertainment is not just created for you, but with you.

In this journey of redefining entertainment, Morra Token (RA) plays an irreplaceable role.

At the heart of this transformation lies the crucial element: Morra Token (RA),designed to play a pivotal role in powering and enhancing the Morra Games platform’s entertainment experiences.



Token Generation Event

and distribution

Morra Token is taking a unique approach. No sales, no lock up, and no VCs. At TGE, everyone can start trading $MORRA token.

Tax System

To fuel our project's development, we're introducing a buy/sell tax system. This system will help generate revenue for Morra Games growth, development and marketing. Tax will continue to decrease with eventual plans of phasing out tax once we solidify our position.

Epoch Period

Morra token tax  system is governed by epoch period. The higher the period, the lower the tax.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Morra Token ($MORRA)?

Morra Token ($MORRA) is the native utility token of the Morra Games ecosystem, designed to facilitate various transactions and governance within the platform.

Is Morra Token available for sale or investment at its launch?

No, Morra Token does not involve sales, investments, or venture capital funding at its launch. It's open and available for everyone to trade.

What are the primary use cases of Morra Token?
  • $MORRA can be used for in-game purchases, accessing premium content, minting NFTs, participating in virtual events, and much more within the Morra Games ecosystem.
Who are PVP holders?

PVP holders are Morra Games early investors. They will be able to convert their PVP token at the ratio of 1:10

What role does Morra Token play in governance within the Morra Studio ecosystem?

Morra Token allows holders to participate in governance decisions, enabling them to influence the platform's development and content creation.

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