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Unlocking the Potential: Morra Token and the Epoch System

What is Morra Token?

Morra Token ($MORRA) is the native utility token of the Morra Games ecosystem. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is designed to serve as the primary medium of exchange within the Morra Studio platform. Morra Token is at the core of the platform’s innovative approach to entertainment, enabling various transactions, fostering community engagement, and providing incentives for active participants and content creators.

It also plays a significant role in shaping the governance and direction of the Morra Studio ecosystem, offering users the opportunity to influence the platform’s development.

The maximum supply of Morra Token ($MORRA) is 500,000,000 tokens. This capped supply is an essential component of Morra Token’s tokenomics, contributing to its potential value and scarcity.

Morra Token incorporates a unique tax system based on market value thresholds, impacting transaction costs and contributing to the project’s sustainability. In essence, Morra Token is an integral part of the Morra Studio vision to redefine the future of entertainment by placing power and engagement in the hands of the community.

Understanding the Morra Token Epoch: Market Value and Tax Dynamics

In the context of Morra Token, an “epoch” represents a specific market value threshold that has a direct impact on the associated tax rates for transactions involving Morra Token. In essence, the epoch is a marker that dictates the tax rates in response to the market value of Morra Token, not a fixed time duration. Understanding how epoch periods work is essential to grasping their significance:

Market Value Threshold: An epoch is defined by a specific market value of Morra Token. This threshold is integral to determining the tax rates applicable to transactions. Importantly, the epoch is not based on a fixed period of time; rather, it’s determined by the market value of Morra Token.

Tax Rate Adjustments: As the market value of Morra Token fluctuates, the associated tax rates also adjust. When the market value surpasses an epoch, the tax rate decreases. This means that as the market value of Morra Token rises, users are subjected to lower tax rates for their transactions.

Market Value-Driven Incentives: The epoch system creates an incentive structure driven by the market value of Morra Token. Users benefit from lower transaction costs as the market value increases, which can encourage participation in the Morra Token ecosystem.

The epoch system aims to find a harmonious balance between user advantages and the project’s sustainability. The tax system generates revenue for Morra Studio, which is reinvested in project development, marketing and token buyback. This approach ensures the long-term sustainability and growth of the Morra Studio ecosystem, ultimately benefiting the entire community.

The concept of epochs within the Morra Token ecosystem showcases innovative thinking in the space of digital assets by tying tax rates to market value thresholds rather than fixed time periods. It’s a forward-thinking approach that harmonizes user benefits with project sustainability, making the Morra Studio ecosystem a truly engaging and sustainable platform.

Epoch One: Genesis
    marketcap threshold: "$5,000"
    buy tax: 5%;
    sell tax: 7%;

Epoch Two: Emerging
    marketcap threshold: "$200,000"
    buy tax: 5%;
    sell tax: 6%;

Epoch Three: Expansion
    marketcap threshold: "$500,000"
    buy tax: 4%;
    sell tax: 6%;

Epoch Four: Established
    marketcap threshold: "$1,000,000"
    buy tax: 4%;
    sell tax: 5%;

Epoch Five: Stability
    marketcap threshold: "$5,000,000"
    buy tax: 3%;
    sell tax: 4%;

Epoch Six: Mature
    marketcap threshold: "$20,000,000"
    buy tax: 2%;
    sell tax: 3%;

Epoch Seven: Prime
    marketcap threshold: "$30,000,000 and above"
    buy tax: 1%;
    sell tax: 2%;

Note: Marketcap needs to be maintained for a period of 48 hours before the epoch level will be activated.

Morra Token will retain a 1% buy ans 2% sell tax to prevent MEV bot action. We anticipate a lot of CEX listing by then, where majority of traders will buy/sell $MORRA token. For those who will continue using DEX, the 1% tax will protect them from MEV bot attack.

The Token Launch: No Sales, No Lockup, No VCs

No initial token sales, no lockup periods, and no venture capitals involvement – it’s a departure from the conventional practices. At the Token Generation Event (TGE), all Morra Tokens will be immediately available in circulation for everyone to trade. This means that from day zero, Morra Token is accessible to the entire community, promoting inclusivity, community-driven and open participation.

Empowering Our Early Supporters: PVP to Morra Token Migration

At Morra Games, we believe in the power of community and the invaluable support of our early backers. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a unique opportunity for those who’ve been with us since 2021. If you’re a PVP token holder, this is your chance to seamlessly transition to Morra Token ($MORRA) and continue to be part of our journey as we redefine the future of entertainment.

Here’s everything you need to know about the PVP to Morra Token migration:

Existing holders Allocation: 36% Reserved for PVP Holders

We appreciate the trust and belief from our early investors who will always have a place in Morra Studio. We’ve allocated 36% of the Morra Token supply exclusively for PVP holders. This means that PVP holders will be able to migrate their Metalands PVP to Morra Token.

The Migration Ratio: 1:10 from PVP to Morra Token

To make this transition as fair as possible, we’ve established a migration ratio of 1:10. For every PVP toke, holders will be able to migrate it to Morra Token at a rate of 1 PVP token to 10 Morra Tokens.

A Maximum Period of 3 Months for Migration

We understand that life can get busy, and we want to provide holders with ample time to complete the migration. PVP holders will have a maximum period of 3 months to migrate their PVP tokens to Morra Token. During this time, we’re here to assist holders in every step of the process.

Ensuring Your Benefits: A Consideration for Forfeiture

After the 6-month migration period, any PVP tokens that have not been migrated will be considered a wilful forfeiture of tokens. Unmigrated tokens will either be burned, effectively reducing the token supply, or deposited into the Morra Games treasury. The Morra Games treasury is not a closed vault; it’s governed by a DAO. The community will have a say in how these tokens are utilized, ensuring transparency and collective decision-making.

The core vision of Morra Token is centered on community engagement and innovation. By forgoing traditional token sales and lockup periods, Morra Token empowers users from the very beginning, allowing them to participate, trade, and shape the ecosystem as they see fit.

This user-centric and forward-thinking approach reflects Morra Studio’s commitment to redefining the future of entertainment. Morra Token is not just a cryptocurrency; it’s a vehicle for community-driven transformation, inclusivity, and innovative engagement.


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